10 Design Concepts for the Financially Challenged


Don’t let the urge to redecorate be hampered by a lack of funds!

These are just a few ideas for redecorating on a tight budget:

  1. Placemats and Table Runners – Using colored cloth placemats and table runners on furniture surfaces will add an accent to your room without causing clutter.
  2. Lamp Shades-You can change out your lamp shades on existing lamps for a lot less than purchasing an entirely new lamp. Try using colors to change the mood of the room you are working on.
  3. Garage Sale Knick-Knacks-Wake up early on a Saturday morning, and hit some garage sales. You can find accent pieces and even antique furniture pieces that will change the look of your room for little cost.
  4. Candles -A set of three candles, whether the same size or different sizes, in different colors, will add warmth to your room. You do not need anything fancy, just a few 3in x 6in pillar candles on a table with a bamboo mat underneath can make a wonderful centerpiece.
  5. Prints -Visit your local craft store and look at their selection of poster sized prints. You can either have these framed, or stop at Wal-Mart for a poster frame. You can get inexpensive poster frames in oak, black, silver, gold, brass…there are usually quite a few options for generally under 20 dollars.
  6. Original Art -Posterboard, acrylic paint, any size picture frame.
  7. Unused Furniture -Using the same acrylic paint, you can paint your unused or old wooden furniture to use as accent pieces.
  8. Tables-Old board games, mounted on a piece of fabric covered plywood and coated with a sealant, can make a fun table top for a child’s room.
  9. Old Books-Stop at your local thrift store and pick up a stack of old books that you can stack on a table to create a pedestal for a candle grouping, plant or lamp in order to some depth on a flat surface.
  10. Lighting-As simple as it sounds, change the wattage of your light bulbs for a whole different look to the room.

Again, some simple and fun ideas to change the look of your existing decor when the money just isn’t there!

(c) 2006 Terri Oh