Buy Free-Standing Salon Styling Stations With Modern Functionality


The beauty industry is booming and so are the wants of the clients. Hence, owners of beauty salons have to provide quality salon equipment and furniture in order to keep customers happy. There are different types of salons and so the furniture that is suitable for a salon depends on the ambience and type of beauty parlor.

Free-Standing Styling Stations

Salon styling stations come in various ranges; some are wall-mounted while others are free-standing. They are very useful pieces of furniture that are essential in your salon as it’s not only stylish but also saves a lot of space. If they are portable, it’s better, because you can easily drag the furniture towards your client. The quality of the furniture should be examined before purchasing it; superior quality plywood is inexpensive. The other option is to go for a melamine surface which is easy to maintain as it will not scratch or leave marks. Brass or chrome knobs are preferable. Before buying a styling station, ensure that there is comfortable seating for your customers. Stations should have the right size mirrors so that clients can see how the styling is done and make suggestions if required. Today, there are many online stores that sell this type of furniture; hence, it’s advisable to check online before you search anywhere else.

Beauty Salon Equipment

All salons are expected to have the basic salon equipment and furniture so that clients will feel good and have a good first impression. Most salons offer various services such as hair styling, manicure, pedicure, massages, facials etc. If you are setting up your salon for the first time, ensure that your parlor is furnished with the essentials. Slowly, you can purchase the expensive things. Various types of chairs, stools, facial beds, reception lounge furniture and salon stations are some of the furniture that are necessary. You can either buy from wholesalers or from online stores. For all hair treatments, there are various types of equipment required; hair-shampoo seats, shampoo bowls, design seats, washbasins, mirrors, hairdryers, hair- straightening equipment, different types of combs, curlers, rubber mats and spa equipment have to be purchased.

Styling Stations

Salon styling stations should be comfortable for the client and helpful for the stylist. There are a variety of styling stations; some of them are portable while others are wall-mounted. You should purchase according to space availability in your parlor. There are tower stations and styling islands which can be used by two stylists. There are others that are modular and have back to back mirrors. This is useful in a salon where there are numerous clients. The stations should have good lighting and enough drawers to easily pull out stuff the stylist wants.