New Life

A brilliant strong bright light emerges – so it sees – from now, then larger and expanded in a flash of time, to eventually create the physical universe as we know it and life itself as a whole. The process then begin to reverse and the original light, which created life and everything physical in the first place, will end it in the same manner the way started it originally, thus completing a major cycle. A minute sparks of light origin from the above main light, do repeat similar cycles, but on a micro-scale in comparison with the above cycle, simply to create and sustain individual physical life cycles, everywhere.

* * * * *

A bright light burst in a dream

Carve a shape

In a total darkness

Creating fire far and near

* * * * *

A spark from the light suddenly trapped

In gray cubic strange place

"Dissolve" slowly then appear

In a large blue empty sphere

Attached within

A yellow green den realm

* * * * *

The lost spark has no control

When a planet physical force

"Imprison" within "with full control"

Embedding itself in the virgin matter

Giving life to physical forms

* * * * *

The old spirit sparks fire

In the emerging

New soul

Starting life in a fresh form

A thirst for life with physical role

Striving to fulfill lingering desires

Beyond control

Repeating again

The cycle of birth *

The cycle of death

Once more

* * * * *


16 March 2008

* The cycle of birth and death repeat itself for a very long period (if we measure it in our physical time) until the time "arrive" when we realize what is going on ie being conscious within and without, at the same time.

© Altawell 2008