1.5w Warm White G4 LED Bulb

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Reduce your energy bills – Switching to LED can save you up to 90% on your energy bills because they consume less energy and last up to 20 times longer. Super easy fitting – Our 1. 5w G4 Lamp can easily replace their halogen counterparts, meaning that it’s a no fuss switch to LED. Superior quality – Our lamps are of the highest quality, meaning you get an ultra-bright, long life, low maintenance lighting solution in your home. A true green product – Our LEDs don’t contain any harmful chemicals like mercury, making them environmentally friendly. Key Facts: 1. 5w = 15w 12v DC Warm white light Quick install Instant light 90 lumens 180-degree light 30, 000 hour lifetime Important to note: This G4 LED Lamp is 12v DC. Therefore you may need to replace your existing transformers for LED drivers if you are putting these into old light fittings which previously used Halogen Lamps. If you are unsure please double check before you purchase.

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