2 Meter White/Black Rail Single Circuit


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2 Meter Track For Single-Circuit LED Spot LightsnThe 2 Metre Single-Circuit Track is made to enable easy installation and free rotatation of the Track Spot lights that are placed on the track. The designers are offered a versatile lighting systems.nIt is made from aluminimum with two copper conductors for live and neutral wires (100-240VAC) from which the luminaires are connected.nWith high power single-circuits the power and light density per meter is increased. It is possible to install up to 250W of LED Lights in 2-meter racknInstalling this 2 Metre Single-Circuit TracknThe Track can be installed directly to aceiling with screws and plugs or on the walll. Using the connectors (T, L Shape or Cross shape) different tracks can be interconnected to create an expandable lighting system.nThe LED Fixtures can be moved freely to any direction to illuminate accent light to decorative objects, showrooms, art galleries, wall pictures and many others.