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3 Pack Wedge LED Under Cabinet Light – Warm White/Neutral White Provides stunning under cabinet lighting in your kitchen or bathroom. New design allows diffused light with no visible LED dots, perfectly mimicking the appearance of halogen lights, with all the benefits of LED. 30, 000 hours lifetime. Comes complete with 15w Driver. This stylish light features the latest in LED technology, using Samsung LEDs and a specially designed cover that elliminates visible LED dots. The new design also ensures an even 120° beam of light that means you get full illumination with no dark spots. Our newest under cabinet lights also benefit from low 2. 6 wattage and are IP44 rated, making them suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. The sleek design of the wedge shaped light makes an interesting feature of your kitchen lighting, and finished in brushed chrome add a professional and contemporary feel to your installation. These lights are available in two super-bright LED colours, choose from soft, warm white and cool neutral white for your home. This product is a 3 light multipack with 15w driver, designed to make getting started with your installation as easy as possible, and with our discounted multipack rates. Thousands of people are making the switch to energy saving LED, and our latest design allows you to make the switch, whilst keeping the light quality of halogen. Our stunning wedge lights are also available individually and in packs of 5. Technical Specification 12V 30, 000 hours lifetime 2. 6w IP44

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