300mm Connectable Mini Link LED Strip Light

SLG Lighting Ltd.


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Our Mini Link is a DIY LED Strip Lighting Kit, its a very low profile at only 18mm wide and 8mm deep which makes it perfect for any lighting installation. When connected together there is very little visible gap between the lights, and it features a “No Dot” design so you don’t see the individual LED dots which are associated with LED Lighting. Sold in various lengths 150mm, 300mm, 600mm or 1000mm and in a choice of two LED colour, Warm White or Natural White. This is a completely plug and play solution, the driver can also be hard wired into a lighting circuit or a plug socket. The following accessories are available: LED drivers In Line switches EG: On/Off, dimmer, motion sensor Link cables for spacing Connectors EG: left Corner, right corner, 3 way t-shaped, 4 way cross connector Angled mounting brackets – 45 degree Technical information: 325 lumens Warm White – 3000K Natural White – 4000K 5w per 600mm LED Strip Dimensions – 500mm (L) x 18mm (w) x 8mm (H) When running mini-link you need a compatible LED Driver to make it work, as a guide. 18w LED Driver = 1. 2m maximum of led light. 36w LED Driver = 2. 4m maximum 60w LED Driver = 4m maximum 120w LED Driver = 8m maximum.

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