8w Replacement T5 Fluorescent Tube

SLG Lighting Ltd.


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T5 Fluorescent Tubes in Various Sizes in Neutral White (4000K) 301mm = 8 Watt For a 345mm Fitting This is an ultra slim tube, often used to replace under cabinet tubes. Have you ever thought of switching over to LED, let us explain to you a few reasons why : LED lights will save you around 80% of electrical power, compared to incandescent bulbs. In comparison with a halogen lamp, there is a 75% saving on household electricity, cutting your lighting bill in half. There is no need for excessive maintenance – once they’re installed, they won’t bother you. In fact they pay for themselves in the long run. The low voltage power supply associated to LEDs increases electrical safety when compared to halogen lights. This may interest you please take a look at the LED version of this product and the difference In specifications – LED Strip Lights.

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