AC TRIAC LED Driver 35W. 1050mA Constant Current


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AC-TRIAC Dimmable Constant Current LED Driver. 35WattnVOLTACON power supplies are made quality electronics using high efficiency power electronics topologies. The new slim driver has only 35mm thickness and width 60mm, and fits in most lighting fixtures. The robust and slick plastic housingoffers full protection and easy istallation. There are philips screws on each end of device: One side is connected directly to the mains voltage and the opposite side powers the LED arrays with DC voltage.nCompatible with most dimmersnIt is paramount to develope a driver that is widely acceptable in the LED lighting market. This LED driver is power from 180-240VAC voltage and works smoothly with almost all known trailing edge and leading edge switches.nThis triac based power-supply has been successfully tested with Varilight, Lutron, Clipsal C-Bus System.nConstant Current Power SupplynThe output voltage is 25-42Vdc with dc output current at 1040mA. Other versions are available on requestnProduct FeuaturesnConstant current mode output with multiple levels selectable by dip switchnProtections: Short Circuit/ Over load/ Over CurrentnFull protection plastic housing easy installationnIP20 design for indoor installationnCooling by free air convectionnDimming function: Triac dimmable Phase cut dimmablenMechanical Dimmensionsn180*60*35mm