Adventure Lights Guardian Tag-It Clip-On Light #White

Adventure Lights


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The Adventure Lights Guardian™ Tag-It™ is an ultra-lightweight safety and signal light that is built into a carabiner Using a spring-loaded quick-clip carabiner mount, the Tag-It™ can be quickly clipped to a bike or running vests, rucksacks, D-rings, straps, handles, belt loops, etc such that you become highly visible at night The Tag-It™ is designed to withstand a 50 foot pound force on the clip You can switch the Guardian™ Tag-It™ between steady-on or flashing modes thanks to it’s reverse polarity switching technology Simply take off the ultra tough optical dome and flip the battery around to choose your selected light mode These lights are available in yellow, red, blue, green and white Dimensions – 58x34x26 mmWeight in grammes Weight – 20g (inc. batteries) Battery Type & Quantity Battery – 2xCR2032

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