Alex Classic LED Panel Reading Lamp

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By the age of 60, we need 3 times as much light to read as we did when we were 20, and light quality is important too. This Alex Classic Reading Light is widely acknowledged as the best you can buy, its patented technology relied upon by thousands of professionals to whom good light is essential, such as surgeons, forensic scientists and watchmakers. Also used in Space ships and RNLI lifeboats, this superbly designed adjustable LED lamp creates a focused pool of near-daylight high quality illumination that’s 4 times brighter than a 60W bulb and without the stressful glare. You’ll be able to read, write or work for longer, with less eye strain. Your eyes will be less likely to feel sore and tired, your concentration should improve and headaches can also be reduced. The light’s flexible gooseneck positions the head exactly where you want it, and it has a heavy stable base.

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