Anglepoise + Paul Smith Type 75 Mini Desk Lamp, Edition 2



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Anglepoise® + Paul Smith is a stunning interpretation of the classic Anglepoise® Type 75™ Mini desk lamp, combining the unmistakable form and function of an Anglepoise® with the quintessential style of Britain’s foremost designer. While previous Anglepoise and Paul Smith collaborations have focused on colour, this new partnership plays with scale. Following his ‘classic with a twist’ design philosophy, Paul Smith has turned his attention to the mini and giant versions of the iconic Anglepoise Type 75 desk lamp. “Following the success of our previous collaborations with Anglepoise, I thought it would be nice to add two extremes: the mini and the maxi! The giant one is pretty extraordinary and in a big space looks sensational, whilst the mini is perfect for studies or for students working in smaller spaces” – Paul Smith. “Ultimately all successful collaborations are about people and Anglepoise and Paul Smith are well matched. We have produ

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