Aurora 5.5W GU10 LED 30° – Cool White



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<p>Introducing Aurora’s brand new Professional&nbsp;GU10 LED 5.5W bulb, a suitable replacement for a 35W halogen bulb. This lamp contains built in TCS (temperature control system) which protects the electronics inside the lamp against over heating and guarantees lifetime.</p> <ul> <li>You benefit from&nbsp;HUGE savings compared to standard halogen GU10 bulbs* – only 5.5W power consumed to give approximately&nbsp;35W light output</li> <li>220&nbsp;lumen typical&nbsp;output</li> <li>Amazing 40,000 hour life</li> <li>Like for like in size to a&nbsp;standard GU10 bulb so no issues with existing fittings</li> <li>Low running temperature</li> <li>Features a 30&deg; beam angle -&nbsp;equivalent to&nbsp;a&nbsp;standard halogen GU10</li> </ul>

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