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Improve the quality of light in your home, and when you buy these two Bio-bulbs you’ll SAVE £2! Did you know that poor-quality lighting can make you tired? That’s because our bodies automatically produce melatonin in response to falling light levels, so poor light or energy-saving bulbs can cause you to overproduce. Recent studies have also clearly demonstrated that full-spectrum lighting can improve general wellbeing and make us less irritable, tired and prone to headaches, eyestrain, stress, colds and ‘flu. That’s why the BioBulb is probably the healthiest bulb in the world. The 25W version produces up to 1750 Lux (ordinary supermarket bulbs give off only around 500 Lux), and whereas most energy-saving bulbs give off an unnatural light with a Colour Rendering Index as low as 22, Biobulb has a CRI of 85, the highest around.

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