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Probably the best bulbs in the world, there are 6 good reasons why you should buy a BioBulb Max. One, most old incandescent bulbs will only give off around 500 lumens – BioBulb Max produces up to 2000 lumens. Two, most energy-saving bulbs give off an unnatural light, some with a Colour Rendering Index as low as 22 – BioBulb Max has a CRI of 85. Three, many ordinary bulbs have a low Correlate Colour Temperature (with maximum Kelvin degrees of 6500k), which gives off a yellowy light that’s bad for your eyes – BioBulb Max is 6500k Cool White. Four, ordinary bulbs can flicker – whereas Biobulb Max is flicker free. Reasons five and six – the BioBulb Max only uses 30W of power and lasts for 10,000 hours or 7 years. The BioBulb Max is equivalent to an amazing 150 watts, perfect for arts, crafts and photography.

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