Brennenstuhl Brennenstuhl Premium IP44 Solar LED-light Duo SOL LV1205 + PIR



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The Brennenstuhl Premium IP44 Solar LED-light Duo SOL LV1205 has 12 0.5W LEDs and is perfect for outdoor use thanks to its IP44 protection. It is incredibly easy to mount thanks to the power connection on the mounting bracket; all you have to do is insert the light into the bracket after mounting. Thanks to the solar charging ability, you don't have to worry about the cost of running the light or replacing batteries, but it is also capable of running from the mains should it be required. The OL LV1205 + PIR would be ideal for carports, entrances, porches, gardens or car parks. The solid aluminium casing provides excellent protection while looking stylish and the 12 high-efficiency LEDs have a frosted lens for illumination of a large space. The solar panel can be mounted independently from the light to maximise time in the sun (a 4.75m cable is included) and both lights are horizontally and vertically adjustable. The PIR sensor has a maximum reach angle of 180° and 10m of surrounding area while the duty cycle is adjustable between 10 and 60 seconds, giving you a customisable security solution. The response intensity is adjustable via the twilight switch and the sensitivity is easily adjustable.

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