Coleman Battery Lock Torch (250 Lumen)



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The Coleman LED torch is different from standard torches and flashlights in that it uses Battery Lock™ technology, which preserves battery life by disconnecting batteries when the torch is not in use. In most torches, battery consumption occurs even when switched off because the batteries remain connected to the circuit. Battery Lock stops batteries from draining when idle and corrosion is reduced. To use, simply twist the bezel to engage and disengage the lock system. Batteries will be detached from the battery compartment and stored. The torch is housed in robust and weatherproof aluminium casing with a light output of 250 lumens. Press the push-button to turn the torch on and off, for easy operation. Never let drained batteries hinder you in the dark again. Features: LED torch from Coleman Battery Lock™ Technology preserves battery life by disconnecting them when not in use Strong, lightweight aluminium construction Torch batteries can be stored for years (up to their natural life) Twist bezel to easily engage and disengage Battery Lock™ system Simple, single-button operation Brightness: 250 Lumens Range Beam: 160m Battery Life: 3-35 hours Batteries: 2 x AA Duracell (included) Specifications: Battery Lock ™ (patent pending) Water Resistance: IPX 4 Lifetime LEDs never need replacing Size: Lens Diameter: 3cm Length: 17cm x Diameter: 2cm Weight: 137g

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