Coleman CXS+ 300 Battery Lock Headlamp



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The Coleman LED headlamp is different from standard lamps and torches in that it uses Battery Lock™ technology, which preserves battery life by disconnecting batteries when the light is not in use. In most headlamps, battery consumption occurs even when switched off because the batteries remain connected to the circuit. Battery Lock stops batteries from draining when idle and corrosion is reduced. To use, simply pull on the front of the face to engage and disengage the lock system. Batteries will be detached from the battery compartment and stored. The headlamp uses rechargeable (via USB, included) Lithium Ion batteries, more powerful and longer lasting than standard batteries with a faster charging time. The headlamp has a comfort tension, adjustable head strap and is an essential item to take with you on camping trips, cycling, hiking and any outdoor activity. It’s equally as useful and important in emergencies and power outages too. Reax™ adaptive lighting allows you to auto-adjust light based on your situation. For long distance, the beam focuses and brightens to shine farther away. For closer distances, the beam widens to light a larger area and dims to eliminate glare. The headlamp has a light output of 300 lumens and a five mode setting: red/low spot/low flood/high spot/high flood that can be controlled hands free using KineSix™. Simply wave your hand within 3cm in front of the sensor and eradicate the need of struggling with the on/off button for quicker control or when wearing thick gloves. Press the push-button to turn the headlamp on and off, for easy operation. Never let drained batteries hinder you in the dark again. Features: LED headlamp from Coleman Durable exterior casing Patent pending Battery Lock™ Technology preserves battery life by disconnecting them when not in use Reax™ adaptive lighting auto-adjusts the beam pattern and brightness for lighting short and long distances KineSix™ hands free control for switching through light modes Comfort tension adjustable head strap Torch batteries can be stored for years (up to their natural life) Pull on the front to easily engage and disengage Battery Lock™ system Simple, single-button operation 5 modes: Red/Low Spot/Low Flood/High Spot/High Flood Brightness: 300 Lumens Range Beam: 5-50m Battery Life: 2.5-50 hours Batteries: Lithium Ion Rechargeable via USB (included) Specifications: Battery Lock ™ (patent pending) Water Resistance: IPX 4 Size: Dimensions: 7cm x 4cm x 3cm. Headband: 60cm. Weight: 107g

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