DALI BUS Management Module. 2X 64Channels


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2 Channels DALI Bus management modulenThe EASEIC DALI controller is an affordable, user-friendly solution for digitanl control of up to 128 channels. The BDC202D series is also available in 4 channels. It is also an alternative to theGrafik Eye from Lutron.2-channel DALI bus management, support2 x 64 DALI independent address management, that can drive and manage 2 x 64 LED drivers device.nProduct DescriptionnWork in DSI mode, can drive 2x 25 DSI protocol LED driversn2 channel passive relay output, 2A per channel, can be set with DALI or DSI control the main power unit of the slave equipment interoperabilitynIntegrated 2X 250mA DALI bus powernCompliantwith IEC62386, slave state returned, single address, group or all the slave control manage function, communicates with all DALI devices in thesame busnWith DALI lightingmanagement systems from EASEICit is possible to create 99 predefinedlighting scenes, in 99 areas and 16 lightingeffects perfectly tailored to specific tasks.nYou can customise the name of the scene or area using theLCD dynamic displaynManual switch on or off slave machine at any time.nLED status indicator, the standard color is red or green, can also choose other colorsnWiring Diagram