Dimmable LED Lamp with QI Wireless Charging Base Rose Gold


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This lamp allows your Compatible QI enabled mobile phone to be charged wirelessly and is a must have for your office desk! Say goodbye to charging cables and wires trailing across your desk. This dimmable LED lamp is a super convenient way to charge your phone and it’s really easy to use. Simply place the phone on the base of the lamp and your device will begin charging (an indicator will show when the phone is charging). This energy saving LED lamp is also dimmable making it suitable to use as a desk lamp, a bedside table lamp, an addition to the living room or a great gift. One of the exciting and unusual features of this lamp is the way you can switch it off…. simply blow into the head of the lamp (similar to blowing out a candle). Compatible with QI compatible devices; including the Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G4, Nexus 7 tablet and more. Other phones can become Qi-enabled by adding a Qi-enabled case. * Dimmable LED lamp with Qi wireless charging base * Energy efficient LED lamp the head and body can be adjusted to enable different lighting angles with ease * Blow out candle like feature to power the lamp off * Indicator to show when a mobile phone is being charged * Approx. Dimensions (mm) H 410 x W 185 D 120

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