EASEIC LED Driver 36W 1-10V


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EASEIC E-Dimming 0/1-10V Driver. Power 36WattnThe Smart LED Driver ensure light manufacturers and installers complete flexibility in producing high quality LED luminaires. The wide operating window in terms of output voltage and current provides further customization.nAll the EASEIC drivers are programmable with dip-switches, using this feature, the parameters can be altered later if it is necessary.nThe Smart LNA Driver is made for the OEM marketm the driver offers enormous flexibility for a variety of lighting applications.nAll families use the slim linear factor of 280 x30 x26 mm (11″ x 1.2″ x 1.0″) with universal input voltage (120V-265VAC).nFeuatures of 1-10V LED Driver 36Wattn100-240VAC,0/1-10VnPUSH-Dim dimming control and remote control dimmingnDimming range :0-100%,C.C:250MA-700MAnO.V:3-62V ,36W LED remote control constant current drivernIdeal for Wide Range of Lighting ApplicationsnIdeal for for linear and recessed fittings, the power supply is available from smooth 1% or standard 10% minimum dimming through 0-10V dimmers. It enables integration with standards dimmers, occupancy sensor and light management systems.nPower RangenThe led driver is made in 4 power ratings: 18W, 27W, 36W, 54WnThe full specifications are available from the download tab.