Gimbal Twin fixture AR111 housing without lamp


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VEGA Gimbal 2 AR111 LEDnThe AR111 Square Gimbal kitis made witha dual ring “gimbal” system for rotating horizontally and vertically up to 180 degrees. The VEGA trimis made of aluminum andsteel housing. It has a very sturdy and flexible structure that makes it number one solution for accent lighting in shops, restaurants and showrooms.nCompatibilitynThe AR111 Square Gimbal Housing Kit will accomodate theAR111 LED12VandAR111 LED 230Vin dimmable and non-dimmable versions.This housing isdrop-in replacements forold fashionedAR111 Halogen bulbs.nFunctionsnThe gimbals allow free rotation in 2 axis.nStandard Square shapefor easier installationnCompatible with high efficiencyVega AR111 LEDnIP20 rated for safe installation in hospitality and retail sectors.nYou can read our installation guide, it is easy and quick to install one of this.nMechanical Dimensions