Hytronik Microwave Sensor – Flush-mounted


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Flush Mounted – Microwave Sensor from HytroniknThe Motion Sensor HC002S, with microwave technology, is a motion switch that turns on the light on detection of moving objects. The lights will be turned off after a pre-selected hold-time period if motion is not detected.nThe flush mounted sensor also features a built-in daylight sensor for switching off light sources when sufficient natural light is detected.nThis is a compact version for ceilling-mounted installation. One sensor can switch up to 1200w resistor load and up to 400w inductive/capacitive load.nAll the settings are fully adjustable by the user in order to provide high flexibility.nThe sensor is discreteely fitted in any ceiling (plasterboard, suspended, false ceiling or wooden ceiling), the photocell is integrated on the top side of the sensor.nCut-out diameter: 85mm