Hytronik Universal Emergency Pack


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Hytronik Emergency LED Driver – HEM02nProduct DescriptionnThis emergency lighting module is designed to convert a wide range of LED types , ideal choice for converting most standard LED luminaires and arrays.nThis unit is designed to be installed by breaking into the lowvoltage connection between the mains LED Driver and the LEDs and allows the LEDs to be operated as normal undermains healthy conditions and operated at reduced light output in an emergency.nThe driver automatically adjusts the output LED current toprovide the best match between the battery and the load,providing maximum illumination whilst ensuring full batteryduration. The driver is compatible with a wide range oflighting LEDs such as Philips Fortimo DLM,SLM and LLMranges, Bridgelux LS/ES/RS ranges, Citizen 4-41W ranges,GE Infusion, Xicato and many othersnFeaturesnAutomatic adjustment.nGood compatibility with various brand of LED in the market.n2-pole changeover relaynAdditional 3rd pole relaynDeep discharge protectionnConstant current chargernHigh temperature NiCd cells(Yuasa)n5 years warrantynCompatible with Ledison LED lights inlcuding LED Tubes and 2D Lamps 12w, 16wand9W