Kosnic 4.5W KTC PowerSpot GU10 LED – Cool White



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<p>Suitable for the most demanding of professional users, Kosnic&rsquo;s KTC-PRO range offers lamps that deliver huge energy savings over halogen lamps without compromising on brightness. The lamps can quickly replace halogen products in accent and general lighting applications, and once in place rapid payback is achieved.</p><p><strong>Feature:</strong></p><ul><li>Save energy up to 85% compared with halogen lamps.</li><li>Direct replacement of GU10 halogen lamp</li><li>High lumen output</li><li>Built in surge protection up to 2KV</li><li>Instant Start</li><li>Mercury free</li><li>Peak Candelas: 370cd</li></ul><p><br /><strong>Safety and Maintenance</strong>:</p><ul><li>Switch off supply before installing or removing lamp. Allow to cool before handling.</li><li>Do not use in totally enclosed fittings as this will reduce lamp life.</li><li>Do not dispose of in household waste.</li><li>Dispose of in appropriate section of local civic amenity site or recycling centre.</li></ul><p><br /><strong>Applications:</strong></p><p><strong></strong>This GU10 is an ideal replacement for Halogen GU10s. It is perfect for use in many settings, including: homes, hospitality and commercial settings.</p>

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