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<p>The <strong>Kosnic 5.5W KTC LED Candle </strong>delivers huge energy and cash savings compared to halogen bulbs. It has a standard shape and size, directly replacing a <strong>30W halogen </strong>equivalent, without needing to be changed as often. With its <strong>Metallic Finish</strong> the <strong>LED Candle</strong> is perfect for chandeliers, decorative fittings and general household uses.</p><p>This bulb is available in <strong>Warm White (3000K)</strong>. The <strong>LED Candle </strong>is<strong> </strong>manufactured with three different bases; <strong>Bayonet Cap (BC/B22)</strong>, <strong>Edison Screw (ES/E27)</strong> and the <strong>Small Edison Screw (SES/E14).</strong>&nbsp; The BC/B22 and ES/E27 are available with a <strong>Silver finish</strong>, whereas the SES/E14 is <strong>Brass</strong>, <strong>Bronze</strong> and <strong>Silver.</strong> Your desired base and finish can be easily selected from the options.</p><p>LED light bulbs can last from 30-50 times longer than incandescent or halogen light bulbs and 2-5 times longer than energy saving fluorescent lighting. With a <strong>5 year warranty </strong>and an average lifespan of <strong>30,000 </strong>hours, this LED will prove to be a valuable investment.</p><p>By choosing LED, you will save a massive <strong>&pound;102.90 over its lifespan</strong>, paying for itself within 1 year*.</p><p><strong>Key </strong><strong>information:</strong></p><ul><li>Bases: BC/B22, ES/E27, SES/E14</li><li>Bulb Finish: Brass, Bronze, Silver</li><li>Colour: Warm White (3000K)</li><li>Lumen Output: 360lm</li><li>Dimmable: No</li><li>Guarantee: 5 years</li><li>Average life: 30,000 hours</li></ul><p>*based on average use of 8 hours per day and 14p per kW of electricity.</p>

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