LED 2D-Emergency Pack. Including Ni-Cd Battery


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HEM02-2D Emergency Battery Back-upnOur emergency kit has been designed to add 3 hour maintained/non maintained emergency function for various LED lights. There is no need to modify your existing LED circuit, with just two extra components (Emergency driver and battery) almost any LED luminaires will function as emergency light.nLED arrays from 8-60V will be to be dimmed to 30% in case ofemergency.nThe driver willautomatically adjust the output LED current and provide the bestmatch between the battery and the LED load, which enablesmaximum illumination and optimum battery duration. The emergency driver workswith a wide range of LEDs such as Philips Fortimo DLM, SLMand LLM ranges, Bridgelux LS/ES/RS ranges, Citizen 4-41W ranges, GE Infusion, Xicato and many others.nProduct FeaturesnConstant current power supplynMaintain and non-maintain modenOver current protection for batterynOver charge protection for batterynGreen LED indication for status of the kitnReverse polarity protectionnCompatible with Ledison 2D Lamps 12w & 16wstandard versionnCompatible with Ledison 2D Microwave sensor 12w & 16w