LED 2D Lamp 12w with microwave sensor on/off and dimmable


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Features with microwave motion sensor & day light photocellnThe new 2D lamp features Printed Circuit Board with thermal vias (multiple conductive holes on board) which carry away the heat from LED chips.nThe 2D microwave sensor (built-in the housing of the lamp) offers three functions: on/ff, 2 step dimming and 3-step dimming.nUnique AdvantagesnOn/off functionnDimming functionnPhotocell-Daylight SensornDirectly connected to the mainsnBuilt in emergency socketnProduct FeaturesnHigh sensitivity sensor that receives human movement and switches the lighton and off automatically.nSave energy up to 90% comparing with traditional fluorescent 2D fittings.n50,000 hour expected lifespannLumen maintenance 80% after 50,000hnAdjustable settings (daylight sensor, distance, turn on time)nIntegrated day light sensor.nDownload the data sheet herenFor Indoor and Outdoor 2D Fittings please followthe linknSensor SettingsnCorridor Function (Stand-by Period)n0s, 30s , 10min or permanently onnDiming Level (Stand-by Period)n35% dimmingn50% dimmingnAvailable 2D LED luminaires from Ledison Lighting , please click here:VOLTAFIT LED Fitting