LED 2D Lamp 12wat replaces 28W CFL


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LED 2D 12W tray lamp with 4-pin basenThe Voltacon LED 2D trays are the perfect long-lasting environmentally friendly solution to replace your traditional fluorescent 2D (DD) 4 PIN lamps.nThe perforated printed circuit board (PCB) allows for an improved heat dissipation to prolong the lifespan of the lamp for over 50,000 hours, allowing you to enjoy energy savings for longer.nThe LED 2D trays lamps are compatible with all equivalent fittings for a smooth transition from fluorescent to LED or you can find the perfect LED ready fittings on our website.nNotice: The 2D LED gear tray is compatible with the existing 4pin holders offluorescent lamps. The LED 2D is powered directly from the mains voltage (220-240Vac or 110VAC)n5-year warranty.nRange of colour temperaturesnAdjustable integrated microwave sensornMeets building regulation safety standardsnProduct FeaturesnSave energy up to 80% comparing with traditional fluorescent 2D fittings.nLife Span 50,000 hoursnGR8/10-Q base (4pin)nEmergency Socket and LED charging indicatornLumen maintenance 80% after 50,000hnInstant start upnUltra bright LED chips with SMD2835 technologynFor Indoor and Outdoor 2D Fittings please follow thelinknAvailable 2D LED luminaires from Ledison Lighting , please click here:VOLTAFIT LED FittingnList of compatible FittingsnYou can now select one of the following fittings which are compatible and prewired for all the 2D LED lamps (standard & Sensor)nVoltafit 2D LED Ready Bulkhead (MAX)nVoltafit 2D LED Ready Bulkhead POLOnVoltafit 2D LED Ready IP65 Pulsar