LED 2D Lamp 16w with microwave sensor


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Features with microwave motion sensor & day light photocellnThe external antenna has an embedded day-light sensor that can be installed on the outer surface of any light fitting. The sensor body and the drivers can be mounted behind the panel. 2D LED lamps with integrated sensor are moresusceptible to electromagneticinterference. If the LED lamp fails, the whole unit (lamp+sensor) needs to be replaced. Using Ledison’s cutting edge technology all the aforementioned problems areeliminated.nProduct FeaturesnHigh sensitivity sensor that receives human movement and switches the lighton and off automatically.nAntenna head is separated from the sensor bodynParticularly designed for light fittings with limited spacenSave energy up to 65% comparing with traditional fluorescent 2D fittings.nLong Life of 50000h, 10 times longer than fluorescent 2D lamps.nStandard shape for direct replacement of fluorescent DD lamps.nLumen maintenance 80% after 35,000hnAdjustable time delay and sensor sensitivitynon/off function,dimming function with HYTRONIK sensorDIM control gearnBuilt-in day light sensor.