LED 2D Lamp 9watt replaces 16W CFL


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Product FeaturesnSave energy up to 80% comparing with traditional fluorescent 2D fittings.nLife Span 50,000 hoursnGR8/10-Q base (4pin)nEmergency Socket and LED charging indicatornLumen maintenance 80% after 50,000hnInstant start upnNotice: The 2D LED trayis fully compatible with the existing 4pin holders offluorescent lamps. The 9watt2D is powered directly from the mains voltage (220-240Vac or 110VAC)nFor Indoor and Outdoor 2D Fittings please follow thelinknList of compatible FittingsnYou can now select one of the following fittings which are compatible and prewired for all the 2D LED lamps (standard & Sensor)nVoltafit 2D LED Ready Bulkhead (MAX)nVoltafit 2D LED Ready Bulkhead POLOnVoltafit 2D LED Ready IP65 PulsarnLED Chips: SMD2835 (LM80 Lumen Maintenance Factor)nAvailable Luminaires from Ledison Lightingn2D Ceiling or Wall mounted opaque fitting 2D Ceiling or Wall mounted transparent fittingnAvailable 2D LED luminaires from Ledison Lighting , please click here:VOLTAFIT LED Fitting