LED AR111 12.5W G53 230V – Dimmable


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Professional AR111-Reflector 12.5WattnThe AR111 Vegas series is also available with external driver which is connected directly to the mains voltage 110-240VAC. This solution offer greater flexibility because there is no need for a 12V bus. The AR111 LED fits into standard gimbles widely used in the hospitality and retail sector.You can view the full specifications and size of the LED driver in the next tab.nBuilt in TCS (Temperature Control System)nThis built-in control system protects the electronics inside the lamp against overheating and guarantees its life time.nEnergy savings without compromisesnThis is direct replacement for halogen AR-111 (50Watt and 75Watt). The LEDISON AR-111 can be connected to 110V or 230Vac supply. Modifications or rewiring is not required.nVega AR111 dimming functionsnThe AR111 is dimmable with the most popular dimming methods such as DALI, AC triac and 1-10V. The Glacial LED driver (a leading manufacturer of power supplies) will provide stable, smooth and flicker-free dimming.nAccentuate the colours and features of your productsnThe accent light of AR111 (with special lens) focuses the 28deg beam on the specific objects.nAR111 with external 230VAC driver connected to anAC-Triac dimmer switchnAccredited CertificationnIncandescent wattage equivalent suggested by Voltacon: 75wattnInstallation of LED AR111 lamps in ashopping centre