LED Bay Light 30W


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LED Bay Light 30w with colored lamp shadesnThe Only LED Bay Light with that looks great even in residential areas such as kitchens, corrdidors or modern dinning rooms.nThe Ledison Cabana Bay lights are optimised for both low and high bay lighting environments like warehouse and manufacturing and retail lighting.The Cabana series of lighting offers increased optical control allowing you to direct the light to where it is needed the most whilst providing uniform lighting.nLED lighting fixtures are designed to maximise the heat management and optics instead of mimicking the way fluorescent lighting systems work giving you a superior lighting source.nThe thermal solution of our LED bay lights has been designed for energy efficiency which can give you savings of up to 70% on energy.nThe Cabana LED high bay lights are manufactured to the highest possible standards making them a reliable, powerful and energy efficient solution. The bay lights are made withCITIZEN LED chips which are fabricated in Japan. The complete light fixture emits an impressive 110lm/watt.nThese high bay lights meet all UK safety regulations (CE and RoHs) and we offer a 5 year guarantee.nYou can now watch our LED bay lights performing live in our Youtube channel (click here)nMain FeaturesnHousing color options: white, black and red (contact us to select color)nHigh system efficacy up to 107 lm/WnAttachment options: cable or metal pendant rodnIP65 certified lighting fixturenOptional dimming availablenFrosted cover softens light and comes with lampshade or without for lower installationsnGlass lens cover available for direct lighting, suitable for higher installationsnDimensions