LED Flood Light 150watt CoB


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LED FLOOD LIGHT (ALL WEATHER) 150WATTnVoltacon has developed a unique range of LED flood lights that can be used in all weather conditions from the hotest to the coldest climate in the world. The reinforced aluminium IP66 housingwith futuristic look and a powerfull chip on board (CoB) contribute to a very well made product that can be used in architectural and security lighting.nMAIN FEATURESnPowerfull output of 16,200 lumenn111lm/watt overall efficacy of flood lightnIP66 housing, suitable for extreme environmental conditionsnStainless Steel Housing, featuring 180 degrees of vertical adjustmentnWide temperature range from -40°C to +50°C.nAdvanced phase change cooling system for optimized thermal performancenCRI>80nLED Flood Light CoB 150Watt 111 lumen/wattnThe new 150W outdoor LED flood light with the latest CoB (chip on board) LED technology, advanced phase change cooling that enables lumen ouput 16,300 lumens. The actual lumen output depends on the colour temperature and beam angle (see specification table below). The GL-FL150 is universally compatible all over the world with a wide AC input voltage from 100-240V.nThere are two lenses that enhance the lux levels and adjust the beam angles to 60 or 120 degree.nAn outdoor rugged mounting bracket is made of stainless steel with added value of 360 degree rotation. No matter where and how you mount this flood light, you can point the light beam to the right direction.nReal System Efficacy 111 Lumens per WattnThe brightness of the 150watt flood light exceeds the brightness of most 400-1000W metal halide. Most of the light produced by metal halide is refllected toward the objects, as a result there is huge waste of lumen and “bad” distribution of light.Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) emit directional light with exceptional efficiency and uniform distribution.nAll weather outdoor lighting from -40°C to +50°CnThe complete range of our LED flood lights has been tested under all weather conditions. The flood lights can operate continuously under the most severe environmental conditionsnLong Service Life and Environmentally FriendlynWith a 50,000 hour life span the 150w Flood light outperforms metal halide and SON lamps,it stays brighter longer and emits much more consistent light over time. The lumen depreciation of metal halide is more apparent even after 10,000hours while the LED technology offers an outstanding lumen maintenance factor of 80% (80% of lumen is maintained after 50,000h).nThe FL150 flood light is RoHS compliant without mercury or toxic chemicals. It emits no UV or IR radiation making it a more environmentally friendly and safe lighting solution compared to metal halide lighting.