LED Flood Light 35W CoB IP66


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LED Flood Light 35W – Security & Architectural LED LightingnThe new 35W flood light features a sturdy outdoor design (IP66 rating) and lumen efficacy 115lm/watt. The FL15-CT outperforms the most flood lights in the market because it uses the latest cooling technology and the most efficient chip on board (CoB).nThe thermal performance isunequalled in the LEDs world, with pin fin design for optimal heat transfer and maximum surface area. The heat sink uses cold forging technology andanodizedAL1070 aluminum. This is the most crucial part of a high power led luminaries, the effective dissipation and removal of the heat from the LED chips. As a result we offer reliable flood light solution for small and large surface buildings, garages and gardens.nProduct Special FeaturesnAchieve 50,000h lifespannComplete LED fitting efficacy 115lm/wattn120degrees beam angle with option for 60 deg.nAdjustable mounting bracket (moves 360 degrees)nHigh IP rating (IP66) for extreme weather conditionsnReliable operation in wide temperature range-40°C ~ +45°CnMinimize the risk to replace the flood light in the future using expensive lifting equipmentnSpecial Installation AccessoriesnIt is now possible to securely installed the flood light directly on the ground. There is no need for special tools, you can simply use our metallic outdoor Stake Light Bracket. The light fixture is mounted on the post , this solution is ideal for artitectural lighting.