LED Flood Light 96W IP66 (white)


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LED FLOOD LIGHT (ALL WEATHER) 96WATT.nVoltacon has developed a unique range of LED flood lights that can be used in all weather conditions from the hotest to the coldest climate in the world. The reinforced aluminium IP66 housingwith futuristic look and a powerfull chip on board (CoB) contribute to a very well made product that can be used in architectural and security lighting.nWe are conducting tests in independent laboratories to validate and verify the performance of the LED flood lights in extremely low temperatures, humid and salty enviroment and over 45 degrees ambient temperature.nThe test report is availale to our readers, you can downloadherenMain featuresnPowerfull output of 10,000 lumenn111lm/watt overall efficacy of flood lightnIP66 housing, suitable for extreme environmental conditionsnStainless Steel Housing, featuring 180 degrees of vertical adjustmentnWide temperature range from -40°C to +50°C.nAdvanced phase change cooling system for optimized thermal performance