LED Gear Tray 16Watt – Emergency Battery – 10% MS (Microwave Sensor)


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2D LED Gear Tray 16Watt. Emergency and microwave sensor +10%nAll in one LED gear tray with emergency driver and NI-CD battery at 3.6V. The lighting board operates an a normal light , it can be switched on and off from a normal wall switch or sensor. When the mains power fails, the gear tray will operate as an emergency light for 3 hours. This is called in lighting terms “maintained emergency fitting”.nThe VOLTALED LED Tray has an integrated 10% and 0% microwave motion sensor which provides automatic lighting control. When movement is detected the light is fully on (100% brightness) after a pre-defined time interval the light output will be reduced to 10% or 0% (user adjustable)nThis is another retrofit product that is designed and developed exclusively by VOLTACON. The gear trays offer incredible flexibility to lighting designer and electricians. The LED trays can be installed in any round ceiling or wall light that was previously fitted with fluorescent 2D lamp.nThere is a fully insulated juction box for safe connection to the mains voltage, the current version has a 4-way power block for switched live, unswitched live (emergency), neutral and earth.nElectrical Specifications