LED Gear Tray 16Watt – Microwave Sensor


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LED Gear Tray with microwave sensor – 16WattnA LED 2D replacement lamp with 10% dimming functionnProduct descriptionnThis is another retrofit product that is designed and developed exclusively by VOLTACON. The gear trays offer incredible flexibility to lighting designer and electricians. The LED trays can be installed in any round ceiling or wall light that was previously fitted with fluorescent 2D lamp.nThe microwave sensor will detect any movement within 12 meters radius, the photocell is also integrated on the sensor box but it can be de-activated if it is not needed. The settings are fully adjustable by the user, you can fine tune the detection range, turn on and turn off time to suit your requirements.nThanks to the corridor function, a 3 level dimming is available, the LED board will be dimmed to 10% after the holdt time elapsesnA small but poweful LED driver is mounted on the metalic tray, there is a fully insulated juction box for safe connection to the mains voltage, the current version has a three way power block for switched live, neutral and earth.nElectrical Specifications