LED Linear Bay Light 150W


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Linear LED Bay Light – 150Watt. High & Low Bay LightingnOffering 150 watts of lighting power, this LED linear Bay Light is designed to light every inch of all of your spaces. Light is distributed with a patented wide beam angle offer a much fuller coverage than other lights.nOur LED Experts recommend this fittings as the most suitable replacement for 400W high pressure lamps (SON). The maximum ceiling height can reach up to 12meters.nEnergy efficient, this light provides 120lm / watt, which means a great savings for your company. These lights have met or exceeded the most rigorous international standards for safety, energy performance, and electromagnetic compatibility, so you know you have a product that you can count on. These linear bay lights provide the lighting options you need at a cost you can afford with a great savings on your energy use.nIK RatingnThe IK Rating of the diffuser is IK10. Practically that means it is protected against 20 joules impactnwhich is equivalent to impact of 5kg mass dropped from 400 mm above impacted surface.nThis bay light is powered by the Meanwell driver: SLG150-48AnLatest generation LED chips SMD2835: 420pcsnDimming Options and ControlnWe also offer the optios for DALI 1-10V dimmable version. By adding the dimming function more energy can be saved creating the appropriate lighting levels for your application.nCertificationsnThe Linear LED lights are certified according to :TUV, UL, DLC, CE, RoHS, SAA. They meet the most rigorous international standards for electromagnetic compatibility, safety and energy performance.nDimensions of 150W High/Low BaynStructure of Linear LED Bay Light – Redifing theStandards in Lighting Industry