LED Outdoor Emergency Bulkhead 8W IP65


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PLUTO – EMERGENCY 8WATT LED BULKHEAD.nPluto Emer is one of the most durable LED emergency bulkheads in the market, it is made of high grade aluminium housing with reinforced plastic lens. The impressive IP65 protection rate will protect the fitting and its valuable electronics from any environmental condition. The Pluto LED fitting can operate from -20 degrees to up to 45 degrees ambient temperature.nProduct FeaturesnOver 1,000 charge/discharge cyclesnYuasa Battery (USA)nFree of maintenancenSelf Test FunctionnTest ButtonnGreen LED indicatornMicrowave and corridor dimming function (optional)nModes of operationnNon maintainednThe LED lamp is normally off and thebatteryon automatic charge (green LED on) when the A.C. supply is healthy. The internal LED driver automatically switches the LED lamp on when the A.C. supply is interruptednMaintainednThe LED lamp is normally on when the supply to the switched live is ON. The battery is on automatic charge (green LED on). The LED lamp will switch ON or remain ON if A.C. is interrupted.nMonitoringnThe green LED indicator lamp will be on continuously. It will go off if A.C. supply or charger fails.nBattery Pack