LED Reflector Lamp AR111 13 Watt G53 – Dimmable


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Satisfy the highest demands WITH PREMIUM LIGHTSnNo wish is left unfulfilled with the AR111. This products has a great lumen output of 780 lumens. It achieves the highest professional standards and serves as the perfect LED replacement for standard 75 Watt halogen reflector lamps. The exceptional colour rendering index together with the unique lens ensures a uniform light distribution.nMain LightingFeaturesnReplacement for75 Watt* AR111 halogen reflector lampsnfor low voltage operation with a G53 basen780 lumens output and low power consumption of 13WnVarious beam angles:25°, 40° or 60°nVery high colour rendering of 95 RanIt focuses light on specific areas and objects.nThe AR111 13W Accent Light in action