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LED High/Low Bay Light 100WattnThe ideal replacement for metal halide and high pressue sodium lamps. The shower style LED bay light is has an impressive lumen output of 12000 lumens. This is a replacement for SON lamps and bay lights up to 250W.nMain FeaturesnModern shape made of aluminium. Electrostatic paintnImpressive design suitable for commercial and industrial areasnIP65 rating with solid aluminium heatsink and integrated power supplyn120 lumen /wattnSupplied with pre-installed cables and eye-hooksnQuality that last and last….over 50,000 hours of bright lightnInside the LED High/Low Bay LightnFeutures for a trully versatile LED bay lightnDimmable wit DALI systemnEmergency battery pack with Ni-Cd batteriesnA Hytronik microwave sensor can be mounted on the bay light for an extra £35.00. The maximum detection range is 15meters.nMounting Accesories for LED High/Low BaynEyebolt Steel Hook and Steel mounting bracket are standard mounting accessories in every LED bay lights.nThis UFO (or Showerhead) LED Bay covers any commercial application from 3 meter ceilings up to 15meters. The narrow beam angle of60°(110 deg default) increases the lux levels up to 20%. Our industrial lighting solutions are the most economical in the market with shortest pay back period.