LED Surface Mounted Panel 24W


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LED Surface Mount Round Panel 24WattnDesigned for every ceiling, our 10 inch round LED Panel lights are an excellent down lighting choice for both commercial and residential buildings. Airports, shopping centres and residential homes will all benefit from this attractive lighting panel.nOur 10 inch panel is simply the brightest panel available on the market in its size, yet provides dimmable functionality so the perfect brightness of the panel is determined by you. Constructed with die-cast aluminum, these panels are light, yet highly durable and sturdy. Easy and safe to install, these panels can be mounted on virtually every surface of your walls or ceilings.nFeaturesnOur panels are easy and safe to install.nCan be mounted on nearly any surface: wall or ceilingnOptional rod pendant mountednDie-cast aluminum construction – light and sturdynWe offer three different colour temperatures to fulfill all lighting preferences.nThe LED lights emit 3000K (warm white), 4000K (natural white) , 5700K (cool white)nCompatible with AC voltagefrom 100V up to 240VACnHigh efficacy LED chips made by Philips Lumiled at 100lumen per wattnOutline & DimensionsnInstallationGuidelines