LED Track Light 30Watt in Black


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GLACIAL LED TRACK SPOT LIGHT. 30WattnThe 30W Spot can be mounted on standard single and 3 circuit track . LED Track Lights can be used in various places to illuminate paintings on the walls or products in retail stores. The fittings are placed onto track which is installed on any surface. This is a trully versatile lighting solution.nA warm white CITIZEN LED Chip emits uniform warm white light, thanks to the diamond shape reflector the spread of light is 38 degress.nProduct FeaturesnRotating base 360° horizontally and 90° vertically.n30Watt with 2800 lumensnAdvanced thermal design with cold-forged heatsinknAvailable with surface mount and suspended kit.nThe highest Colour Rendering Index CRI>90nDimmable version with 1-10VnIt works with 3 circuit lighting tracksnIES Files and photometric data are available upon request.nApplication with accent lighting