LED Wall 40W Fitting IP65 – Outdoor Photocell


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LED Wall Mounted Bulkhead. 40wATT WITH PHOTOCELLnThe VOLTAFIT 40 WattLED Wall Pack lights are ideal for outdoor applications. The 115lm/watt LED chip board illuminates the perimeter of factories, gardens, warehouse and many other locations. What’s more, the patented cover lens with the built in reflectors, greatly increases the efficacy of the LED fitting. The natural white colour temperature really help theacuityof CCTV cameras.nThe dawn to dusk sensor fitted to these lights further helps to reduce the site’s energy consumption.nThe housing is made of very High quality die Cast Aluminium Base and reinforced poly carbonate piffused cover to withstand allwaether conditions and commercialoperations.nSettings of Photo-cellnWhen the day light level (ambient light) is below the pre-set lux level, the sensor will automatically switch on the LED light at 100% brightness. The sensor will turn off the light when the ambient light is over thee pre-set lux level.nPicture. The Merry Tek Photocell Sensor with adjustable setting. Installed inside the LED Wall-Pack.nThe LED 40W ChipBoard (CoB) is the latesttechnology with long life span and lumen maintenance factor LM79. This feature ensures that the lights will stay brighter longer (almost 80% of the nominal lumen output is maintained after 50,000 hours)nThese type of LED fittings can save at least 75% when they are compared with their standard predecessors, so we offer an ideal solution for cutting down your energy bills. The lights are powered directly from a 110 or 240 Volt mains supply, with a life expectancy of 50,00 hours and a 5 (five) year warranty for complete peace of mind. All of our LED fittings are manufactured to CE and RoHS standards.