Liteplan 3W LED Emergency Spot Light


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LED Emergency Spot Light 3WattnA non maintained emergency light.nThe Liteplan S-PLM/4/500 spot light operates in non-maintained mode. The dimensions are only 165mmx26.5mmx21.5mm. This small and compact ememrgency light can be used as standard alone unit in any type of ceiling. The cut out (installation hole) should be only 40mm.nThe key electrical features of the pack are a 500mA constant current led driver with 4V dc output that powers up a single LED Spot light. There is also a 4.8V Ni-Cd (Nickel Cadmium) battery with 2Ah capacity.nThe emergency module is safely connected to the LED and batery with irreversible socket, the connection is made only in one way, that elliminates any risk of wrong wiringnThe Output power is 3W in emergency mode (700mA) at 110 deg beam angle. The integrated LED indicator is bi-colour, green for healthy charging status and read when it is in self test mode.nHow to install guide is available on our website, please click on the link belownDownload Specifications (PDF)