Meanwell LED Dimmable Driver 25W. 700mA


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MEANWELL LED DRIVER 25W. AC TRIACnThe PCD-25-700b is a reliable LED driver with typical efficiency 81%. It controls without causing any flickering LED arrays between 24-36VDC. It is compatible with our LED tubes (T8/T5), PLG24 lamps, PLL2G11 and any LED light that can be powered from a 700mA constant current driver.nThe AC triac LED drivers are contolled directly from the mains voltage using trailing and leading edge dimmer switches.nProduct Description.nPCD Power Suppliesare made byMean Wellaremanufactured to support the indoor lighting market. The 16W and 25W AC LED power supplies are suitablewith leading edge and trailing edge AC-TRIAC dimmers. There are two global utility inputs : 115VAC (90~135VAC) /type A and 230VAC (180~295VAC) /type B.nPCD drivers are manufactured with single stage power factor corrections (PCF)topology to comply with the requirements of power factor (PF≧0.9) and EN61000-3-2 Class C (current harmonic standard) for the LED lighting industry.