NxtGen 3W, G9 LED Bulb – Twin Pack (Warm White)


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NxtGen 3W G9 LED Twin Pack When we first conceived the NxtGen range of LED spotlights back in 2012, we envisioned it as a more economical, efficient and cost-effective way of replacing your old-fashioned light bulbs. The A++ energy rated G9 LED capsule you see here is part of an all new range of LED bulbs from NxtGen, but it still embodies this same philosophy both inside and out. The capsule’s slender profile closely resembles the miniaturised design of traditional halogen G9 capsules, making it an ideal retrofit replacement for them. It will fit the same array of decorative and display fixtures, but offer greater levels of efficiency and performance once installed. It produces 210 lumens which is comparable to an 18W halogen capsule, even though its own consumption amounts to just 3W. It also lasts much longer, boasting a nominal lifetime of 6,000 hours which is up to 3 times longer than halogen capsules of a similar quality and level of performance. Please be aware that this is a twin pack of G9 LED capsules.