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OLYMPIA 3W Emergency Luminaire (Maintained & Non-Maintained).nThe product is produced in Greece and complies with British Standad for emergency lighting including the EN 60598-1, EN 60598-2-22, ΕΝ 55015, ΕΝ 61547, ΕΝ 61000-3-2, ΕΝ 61000-3-3nThese emergency bulkhead is made for indoor use in ambient temperature up to 40C. The fittings must be fed permanently from a mains voltage (100-240VAC). Under normal mode, the LED board is lit, the green LED indicates that the battery is charging. In case of mains power cut, the LED strip will be automatically fed from the battery, this is the emergency mode.nThe normal mode will be restored when the mains power is reinstatedn2 in 1 Emergency Modes.nThe user can select between non-maintained and maintained modeby moving the jumper to the right position.nHow to test and monitor the devicenIt is recommended to check montly the LED indicator to ensure that the battery is charged. Using the TEST button the emergency circuit can be tested without switch the mains voltage.nThe duration of autonomy of the emergency unit should be tested every 6 months by removing the mains voltage. The time should be counted and if it drops well below 3 hours, the battery should be replaced immediatel.nIf youdo not intent to usethe light for more than 2 months, the battery has to be disconneted by pulling out the connector.nPhotometric Diagram