Pharox 800,13w, 800lm,Led Bulb


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Product DescriptionnThe Pharox 800 downlighter casts warm white light, bright enough to be used for replacement of up to 75W halogen bulb in directional lighting applications, such as recessed ceiling flood lighting.nProduct BenefitsnWarm, pleasant white lightnEnergy-efficient and eco-friendlynLasts 13 times longer than a comparable halogen lampnContains no mercury or leadnEmits no harmful UV radiationnGenerates virtually no heatnTurns on instantly, without flickeringnLight Output. The Pharox 800 Downlighter generates bright light measured at 800 lumens, while emitting no UV radiation and virtually no heat, unlike both CFLs and halogen bulbs.nLight Warmth. The Pharox 800 Downlighter emits warm white light, corresponding to the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of 3000K.nColor Rendering. Color Rendering Index (CRI) is the ability of a light bulb to show the colors of objects accurately on a scale of 1-100. Quality household lights tend to have the CRI in the upper 20th percentile, between 80 and 100. Pharox 800 Downlighter LED bulb’s CRI is 85.Instant OnUnlike most CFLs that flicker and generate only partial light output for several seconds after being turned on, the Pharox 800 Downlighter turns on instantly.